Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Month of August

Coffee Meeting
DATE: Monday 6th August
TIME: 6:00pm

Rotaract Uni Meeting
DATE: Tuesday 7th August
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Social Science G208

Invisible Movie Screening
DATE: Tuesday 14th August
TIME: 6:00pm
LOCATION:On campus (further details to be discussed)

Rotaract Meeting
DATE: Tuesday 28th August
TIME: 1:00-1.10pm followed by sale of tickets for Movie Night at Oak Lawn
LOCATION: Social Sciences G208

Rotaract Movie Night
DATE: Friday 31st August
TIME: 6:45pm
LOCATION: Windsor Cinemas
COST: $14
SPECIAL: Proceeds go to "Building a Well" or "Adopt a child" projects through either Plan or World Vision

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